Monday, June 2, 2014

All-Conference 3 Boys & Girls Soccer Teams Announced!

Here are the Conference 3 All-Conference Honors for Boys and Girls Soccer:


F: Austin Mann, Cosby
F: Nick Garst, PH-Roanoke
F: Alex Gyimesi, James River
F: Aaron Kovac, PH-Roanoke
F: Zach Clayborne, Franklin County
F: Andrew Gyimesi, James River
MF: Renato Grgic, PH-Roanoke
MF: Jack Eastman, James River
MF: Austin Correia, Thomas Dale
MF: Nick King, Cosby
MF: Benji Pullen, Cosby
D: Emmanuel Scere, PH-Roanoke
D: Josh Madison, James River
D: Stephen Penterson, Cosby
D: Matt Mangano, Thomas Dale
D: Currie Hanes, Franklin County
D: Terrance Andrews, PH-Roanoke
GK: Alec Boerner, James River

F: Locene Yarmah, PH-Roanoke
F: Irakoze Donasiyano, PH-Roanoke
F: Kervin Macado, Varina
MF: Devin Dyer, Cosby
MF: Dylan Jones, Franklin County
MF: Andrew Knight, James River
MF: Joe Jamison, PH-Roanoke
MF: Michael Andrews, James River
MF: Matt Peloquin, Thomas Dale
D: Michael Moorman, Franklin County
D: Brandon Rogers, James River
D: Sam Roller, PH-Roanoke
D: Miles O'Connell, Cosby
GK: Christian Paget, PH-Roanoke

Conference 3 Boys Soccer Co-Players of the Year: Austin Mann, Cosby & Christian Paget, PH-Roanoke


F: Madi Conyers, Cosby
F: Madison Hendricks, Cosby
F: Kayla Blake, James River
F: Dominique Grubbs, Thomas Dale
F: Aina Tuck, Franklin County
MF: Savannah Andrews, James River
MF: Carly McBaine, Cosby
MF: Linden Kelly, Cosby
MF: Emily Anderson, Cosby
MF: Sydney Varney, Franklin County
MF: Emily Whitaker, PH-Roanoke
MF: Becky Kriz, Thomas Dale
D: Hannah Cornman, Cosby
D: Kelli Rieck, James River
D: Taylor Alvey, Cosby
D: Katie Waring, Thomas Dale
D: Daishi Dudley, Franklin County
GK: Carly Maglio, Cosby

F: Bridget Schindel, Thomas Dale
F: Vita Prillaman, Franklin County
F: Olivia Offermann, PH-Roanoke
MF: Emily Johnson, Thomas Dale
MF: Taylor Smith, Franklin County
MF: Cristina Gonzalez, James River
MF: Elie Caples, James River
MF: Elle Prillaman, PH-Roanoke
D: Natalie Smith, Thomas Dale
D: Katie Levy, PH-Roanoke
D: Madison Powell, Cosby
D: Courtnee Boyd, Franklin County
D: Mary Virginia Kelly, James River
GK: Ally Haas, Thomas Dale

Conference 3 Girls Soccer Player of the Year: Madi Conyers, Cosby

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