Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Conference 12 All-Conference Baseball Team

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for earning All-Conference honors! An asterisk denotes All-Academic honors.

Nick Butts (P--Manchester)*
Jacson Rivera (P--Prince George)
Jacob Floyd (1B--Matoaca)*
Zach Clark (3B--Matoaca)*
Kyle Ryan (C--Clover Hill)*
Trey Ramsey (C--LC Bird)
Bryce Harrup (DH--Prince George)*
Johnathan Triesler (Utility--Clover Hill)*
Jacob Fontana (2B--Clover Hill)*
Jacob Barlett (OF--Matoaca)*
Andrew Duesing (OF--Clover Hill)*
Montae Bradshaw (OF--Prince George)
Austin Glenn (OF--Manchester)*
Corey Anderson (SS--LC Bird)*

Will Midgette (P--Clover Hill)*
Corey Anderson (P--LC Bird)
Brett Jones (1B--Clover Hill)
Chris Hayden (3B--LC Bird)
Noble Graber (C--Prince George)
Steven Riddle (C--Matoaca)
Joseph Medina (DH--Meadowbrook)
Patrick Solomita (Utility--Manchester)
Jordan Nase (2B--Prince George)
Kevin Brown (OF--Meadowbrook)
Luke Tyree (OF--Manchester)
D.J. Harris (OF--Meadowbrook)
C.J. Henderson (OF--LC Bird)
Jeyshawn Rosado (SS--Meadowbrook)

Zach Clark (P--Matoaca)*
Kyle Hasforth (P--Clover Hill)
Trey Ramsey (1B--LC Bird)
J.T. Creed (3B--Manchester)
Aaron Colyer (DH--Manchester)
Van Dempster (2B--Manchester)
Chris Hayden (SS--LC Bird)

Conference 12 Coach of The Year: Ricky Saunders--Manchester
Conference 12 Player of The Year: Nick Butts--Manchester

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