Wednesday, June 3, 2015

HONORS: All-Conference 3 Softball Teams...

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 3 Softball team.

Carla Hall (Pitcher--Franklin County)
Maddie Ols (Pitcher--Cosby)
Jordan Starke (Pitcher--Thomas Dale)
Mackenzie Chitwood (Catcher--Franklin County)
Jessica May (Catcher--Cosby)
Sara Brown (Infield--Franklin County)
Erin Doyle (Infield--Cosby)
Emily Marcy (Infield--James River)
Lauren Maloney (Infield--James River)
Lauren Weidig (Infield--Franklin County)
Amber Fiorillo (Infield--Varina)
Courtney Robinette (Outfield--Thomas Dale)
Morgan Loving (Outfield--Cosby)
Ashley Keith (Outfield--Franklin County)
Lauryn King (Outfield--Thomas Dale)
Maddie David (Utility--Franklin County)

Taylor Knabel (Pitcher--James River)
Brittney Wash (Pitcher--Varina)
Ellie Rowe (Catcher--James River)
Rayana Hill (Catcher--Thomas Dale)
Jordyn Cowans (Catcher--Varina)
Jessica Caminiti (Infield--Cosby)
Ariel Cooke (Infield--Cosby)
Rachel Wells (Infield--James River)
Sarah Ridgeway (Infield--Thomas Dale)
Logan Barbour (Infield--Franklin County)
Daijah Chambers (Outfield--James River)
Tessa Burleson (Outfield--James River)
Ellie Badgley (Outfield--James River)
Nini Dillard (Outfield--Franklin County)
Brady Hamilton (Utility--James River)
Abby Nyquist (Utility--Thomas Dale)
Haley Arnold (Infield--Patrick Henry-Roanoke)

Conference 3 Player of The Year: Mackenzie Chitwood, Franklin County
Conference 3 Pitcher of The Year: Carla Hall, Franklin County
Conference 3 Coach of The Year: (TIE):
Bryan Forbes--Franklin County
David Chase--James River

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