Wednesday, September 30, 2015


#1 LC Bird at #6 Monacan, TONIGHT, 7pm
Cosby at Clover Hill, TONIGHT, 7pm
#8 Thomas Dale at Prince George, MOVED TO MONDAY, 7:30pm
James River at Chancellor, TONIGHT, 7:30pm
Colonial Heights at Meadowbrook, TONIGHT, 6pm

NOTE: #12 Manchester vs George Wythe will be at 4pm and will be played at Huguenot High School.

For all Central Region schedule changes, CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NEW #Super6 Field Hockey, Volleyball Polls!

Here are the latest #Super6 Field Hockey and Volleyball Polls from RVA Sports Network as announced Tuesday night on the "Central Region NOW!" Podcast, available for download at the top of the page.

1) Deep Run
2) James River
3) Atlee
4) Midlothian
5) Clover Hill
6) Cosby

1) Mills Godwin
2) Atlee
3) Colonial Heights
4) Deep Run
5) Midlothian
6) James River

1) Deep Run
2) Mills Godwin
3) Hanover
4) Atlee
5) James River
6) Goochland

#TheLineUp For Wednesday September 30th

Manchester, Thomas Dale, Monacan at Powhatan, 4pm
Thomas Jefferson, Hopewell at Spotsylvania, 5pm

Prince George at Matoaca, 4pm
Hopewell at Colonial Heights, 4:30pm
LC Bird at #5 Clover Hill, 6pm
#4 Midlothian at #6 Cosby, 7pm

Dinwiddie at Matoaca, 6pm
Prince George at Thomas Dale, 6pm
Chancellor at James River, 6pm
Hopewell at Petersburg, 6:30pm

NEW NBC12/RVA Sports Network Big 12 High School Football Poll

No change in the top six, as two 5-0 teams prepare for a collision this Friday, plus the Knights move up one position!

1) LC Bird (5-0, was #1, at #6 Monacan)
2) Hermitage (4-0, was #2, at John Marshall Saturday, 3pm)
3) Highland Springs (3-1), was #3, vs Atlee)
4) Benedictine (4-0, was #4, at St. Christopher's Saturday, 3pm)
5) Henrico (4-0, was #5, at Varina)
6) Monacan (5-0, was #6, vs #1 LC Bird)
7) Dinwiddie (3-1, was #8, vs Matoaca)
8) Thomas Dale (3-1, was #9, at Prince George)
9) Douglas Freeman (4-0, was #10, at Thomas Jefferson, 3:30)
10) Hanover (3-1, was #7, at Patrick Henry)
11) Lee-Davis (4-0, NEW, vs Armstrong)
12) Manchester (3-1, was #11, vs George Wythe)

Monday, September 28, 2015

#TheLineUp For Tuesday September 29th

Monacan at #3 James River, POSTPONED

Clover Hill at LC Bird, 7pm
#6 Midlothian at #4 James River, 7pm
Meadowbrook at Thomas Dale, 5:45pm
Dinwiddie at #3 Colonial Heights, 7pm
Petersburg at Prince George, 7:15pm

James River at Midlothian, 7pm
LC Bird at Clover Hill, 7pm
Dinwiddie at Colonial Heights, 5:45pm
Petersburg at Prince George, 5:45pm

Friday, September 25, 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Backups Lead Way as Lancers Top Rapids....

(RVA Sports Network correspondent and writer Preston Hausser filed this report....)

Agnolucci steps up for Manchester to take down James River

On Friday night, Manchester back-up QB C. J. Agnolucci wasn’t sure he would enter the game against James River, let alone play almost ninety percent of it. When the Lancers’ freshmen phenom, Brendon Clark, went down with an injury in the first quarter after a long run, Agnolucci was called upon to take over. When asked about his thoughts following Clark’s injury, Agnolucci responded, “I felt nervous, but I trusted in my coach, in my team and in myself.”
            Agnolucci looked cool and collected as he racked up 100 passing yards on 18 attempts, while also throwing a touchdown pass. However, the real offensive production stemmed from Bryce Hall, a junior running back who rushed for 3 TDs and 170 yards. Before Clark left the game, he completed a 41 yard quarterback sneak, which ended in his injury. Agnolucci’s touchdown pass was caught by Jonathan Rose, who also finished with 74 receiving yards. Despite these offensive successes, Manchester’s head coach, Thomas Hall, was disappointed, as he quotes, “We’ve got a lot to work on before next week.” There was no information on the status of Brendon Clark and his injury by the completion of the game.
            Despite the score, James River exhibited a growing offensive power to add to their already existing defensive machine. Junior Jack Dash started under center, as 1st-string QB Garrett Lucas was out with illness, and passed for 34 yards on 6 completions. Eric Walker and Jamarey Williams both rushed for 50 yards, while Williams added a TD. Defensive powerhouse Matt Duignam scored his first offensive touchdown of the season after punching in three from the other side of the line next week against Wythe.

            Manchester improves to 3-1 and will face a lowly George Wythe team at home next week, while James River drops to 2-2 and will travel to Fredericksburg next week to face Chancellor.

THE WRAP: Week 5 Football Finals

#1 LC Bird 36, Clover Hill 0 (Skyhawks to 5-0, at #6 Monacan, also 5-0, next Friday. Chiefs won Wednesday 25-6 over Huguenot)

#9 Thomas Dale 61, Colonial Heights 0 (Knights hold the Colonials to zero total yards of offense, move to 3-1)

#11 Manchester 28, James River 16 (Lancers improve to 3-1, Rapids fall to 2-2)

Matoaca 38, Prince George 14 (Warriors score 24 unanswered points, pulling away in second half, now 3-1)

Meadowbrook 35, Petersburg 0 (Monarchs get their first victory of the season, now 1-3)

(Cosby idle this week)

George Wythe (0-3) at Midlothian (0-4), 7pm
Hopewell (2-1) at #8 Dinwiddie (2-1), 6:30pm


The latest on the status of tonight's games in the area:

Clover Hill (0-3) at #1 LC Bird (4-0), 7:30pm
#9 Thomas Dale (2-1) at Colonial Heights (2-1), 7pm
#11 Manchester (2-1) at James River (2-1), 7:30pm
Prince George (2-1) at Matoaca (2-1), 7pm
Meadowbrook (0-3) at Petersburg (2-1), 7:30pm
George Wythe (0-3) at Midlothian (0-4), 7pm MONDAY due to UCI

Hopewell (2-1) at #8 Dinwiddie (2-1), POSTPONED to 6:30pm Monday

(Cosby is idle this week....)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#TheLineUp For Wednesday September 23

Dominion District Meet, 3:30pm, Pocahontas State Park
Hopewell at Prince George, 4:30pm, Fort Lee
Matoaca, MBK, at Dinwiddie, 4:30pm

James River vs Deep Run, 4pm, The Dominion Club
Clover Hill, MBK vs LC Bird, 3pm, First Tee Chesterfield
Matoaca, Atlee vs Hanover, 3:30pm, Hanover CC
Prince George at Thomas Dale, 3:30pm, Meadowbrook CC

Midlothian at Matoaca, 4pm
Thomas Dale at Colonial Heights, 4pm
Hopewell at #5 Prince George, 4:30pm
#6 Clover Hill at #2 Cosby, 7pm
Monacan at Manchester, 7pm
L.C. Bird at #3 James River, 6pm

Huguenot at #6 Monacan, 6pm

#3 Colonial Heights at #6 Midlothian, 6pm
Huguenot at Clover Hill, 7pm
Petersburg at George Wythe, 7pm
Meadowbrook at Highland Springs, 7pm

Meadowbrook at Highland Springs, 5:45pm
Glen Allen at Thomas Dale, 7:15pm
Petersburg at George Wythe, 5:45pm

Petersburg at Meadowbrook, 6pm
Dinwiddie at Hopewell, 6:30pm
Matoaca at Prince George, 7pm

Monday, September 21, 2015

#TheLineUp For Tuesday September 22

Matoaca at Manchester, 7pm (rescheduled from Wednesday 9/2)
Monacan at Midlothian, 7pm

Monacan at Huguenot, 7pm (moved up from Thursday 9/24)

Cosby at L.C. Bird, 7pm
Clover Hill at Manchester, 7pm
Prince George at Colonial Heights, 7pm
Matoaca at Petersburg, 7:15pm
Dinwiddie at Thomas Dale, 7:15pm

Prince George at Colonial Heights, 5:45pm
Matoaca at Petersburg, 5:45pm
Dinwiddie at Thomas Dale, 5:45pm
Manchester at Clover Hill, 7pm
L.C. Bird at Cosby, 7pm

Friday, September 18, 2015


#1 LC Bird 35, #10 Manchester 0 (Skyhawks to 4-0)
#6 Monacan 34, Clover Hill 13 (Chiefs also 4-0, host Skyhawks in two weeks)
James River 21, Huguenot 0 (Rapids move to 2-1)
Cosby 47, Midlothian 13 (Titans win their first, now 1-3)

#11 Thomas Dale, Matoaca, and Meadowbrook all idle....

Thursday, September 17, 2015

FOOTBALL FRIDAY: #TheLineUp For Week Four!

(All rankings based on NBC12/RVA Sports Network #Big12 High School Football Poll published each Monday....)

#1 LC Bird (3-0) at #10 Manchester (2-0), 7:30pm
Clover Hill (0-2) at #6 Monacan (3-0), 7:30pm
James River (1-1) at Huguenot (1-2), 7:30pm
Cosby (0-3) at Midlothian (0-3), 7:30pm

Follow @cfieldsports on Twitter for reports and final scores! On The RVA Sports Network online and on WHAN (102.9 FM and 1430 AM), listen to Lee-Davis at Glen Allen, starting at 6:30pm with the #OnTheSidelines PreGame Show featuring Rob Witham and NBC12 Sports Director Marc Davis! You can listen at the link on the right of the page!

#TheLineUp For Thursday September 17th

Varina at Prince George, 5:30pm
Monacan at Glen Allen, 6:45pm

Cosby vs Manchester, 3:30pm at Birkdale
Clover Hill vs Monacan vs James River, 3:15pm

Colonial Heights at Meadowbrook, 7pm
Monacan at Clover Hill, 7pm
Manchester at Midlothian, 7pm
Huguenot at Cosby, 7pm
Matoaca at Dinwiddie, 7:15pm
Thomas Dale at Prince George, 7:15pm
Petersburg at Thomas Jefferson, 7:15pm

Matoaca at Dinwiddie, 5:45pm
Colonial Heights at Meadowbrook, 5:45pm
Petersburg at Thomas Jefferson, 5:45pm
Midlothian at Manchester, 7pm
Clover Hill at Monacan, 7pm
Prince George at Thomas Dale, 7:15pm

Monacan at Clover Hill, 6pm
James River at Huguenot, 6pm
Manchester at LC Bird, 6pm
Midlothian at Cosby, 7pm
Hopewell at Hanover, 7pm

LC Bird at Cosby, 5pm

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#TheLineUp For Wednesday September 16th

Clover Hill, Colonial Heights, Thomas Dale vs Matoaca, 3:30 at The Highlands
Meadowbrook vs Dinwiddie, 3:30 at Dogwood Trace
Petersburg vs Colonial Heights, 3:30 at Fort Lee

Dinwiddie at Colonial Heights, 4:30 at Fort Clifton
Prince George, Thomas Dale, LC Bird vs Matoaca, 4:30, Pocahontas State Park
Petersburg at Hopewell, 5pm
George Wythe at Spotsylvania HS Meet, 5:30pm
Manchester, Clover Hill, & Cosby at Collegiate School Meet, 5pm

Clover Hill at Thomas Dale, 4pm (LIVE Tweet Coverage on @cfieldsports)
L.C. Bird at Monacan, 6pm
Cosby at James River, 7pm (LIVE Tweet Coverage on @cfieldsports)
Midlothian at Manchester, 7pm

Colonial Heights at Appomattox Regional GS, 5:30pm

Colonial Heights at Southampton, 6pm
Petersburg at James Monroe, 6:30pm

Monday, September 14, 2015

New NBC12/RVA Sports Network Big 12 High School Football Poll

The latest poll sees minor changes as the Blue Devils move in....

1) LC Bird (3-0, at #10 Manchester Friday, 7:30)
2) Hermitage (2-0, vs Varina Friday, 7:00)
3) Highland Springs (2-1, idle)
4) Benedictine (2-0, vs Collegiate Friday, 4:30)
5) Henrico (2-0, vs JR Tucker Friday, 7:00)
6) Monacan (3-0, vs Clover Hill Friday, 7:30)
7) Hanover (2-0, vs #12 Hopewell Friday, 7:30)
8) Atlee (2-0, at Douglas Freeman Friday, 7:00)
9) Dinwiddie (2-1, idle)
10) Manchester (2-0, vs #1 LC Bird Friday, 7:30)
11) Thomas Dale (2-1, idle)
12) Hopewell (2-0, vs #7 Hanover Friday, 7:00)

#TheLineUp For Tuesday September 15th

Clover Hill vs James River vs Cosby, 3pm, Magnolia Green CC
Midlothian vs Monacan vs Manchester, 3:30pm at Birkdale
Colonial Heights vs Matoaca, 3:30pm at The Highlands

Thomas Dale at Colonial Heights, 7pm
James River at L.C. Bird, 7pm
Cosby at Manchester, 7pm
Midlothian at Monacan, 7pm
Prince George at Matoaca, 7:15pm
Meadowbrook at Petersburg, 7:15pm

Thomas Dale at Colonial Heights, 5:45pm
Manchester at Cosby, 7pm
L.C. Bird at James River, 7pm
Monacan at Midlothian, 7pm
Matoaca at Prince George, 7:15pm

Prince George at Dinwiddie, 5pm at Dinwiddie MS

Sunday, September 13, 2015

#TheLineUp For Monday, September 14th

LC Bird vs Manchester vs James River, 3:30, Independence GC
Meadowbrook vs. Prince George, 3:30 at Prince George GC
Dinwiddie vs. Petersburg, 3:30 at Dogwood Trace

Manchester at LC Bird, 4pm
Varina at Matoaca, 5:30
Warhill at Hopewell, 5pm
Thomas Dale at Cosby, 7pm
Monacan at Clover Hill, 7pm
James River at Midlothian, 7pm

Dinwiddie at Manchester, 6pm
Monacan at Hanover, 7pm
Varina at LC Bird, 7pm
Clover Hill at Thomas Dale, 7:15pm

Hanover at Monacan, 7pm
LC Bird at Varina, 7pm
Thomas Dale at Clover Hill, 7:15pm
Midlothian at Powhatan, 7:15pm

Matoaca at Clover Hill, 6pm
Cosby at Monacan, 6pm
Hopewell at Powhatan, 6:30pm

Friday, September 11, 2015

Monacan to 3-0, holding off Cosby 15-10....

(RVA Sports Network reporter Preston Hausser contributed this report from Cosby High School Friday night....)

For the first time ever, Cosby Football is 0-3. After a loss to Monacan on Friday night 15-10, the Titans are fighting to shake mediocrity, and lack of confidence, as their chances of reaching the 6A South playoffs, even this early, grow thinner. The Titans began to show some life in 2nd half tonight by scoring a field goal and a touchdown against an extremely potent Monacan defense led by its electric team captains. The Chiefs improve to 3-0 as they slowly work toward their goal of making the State Tournament this year after a devastating loss to Lake Taylor last in the 4A State Semifinals.
            Monacan may have lost their star quarterback, Syour Fludd, for some time after an awkward tackle in the 2nd quarter, wherein Fludd left the game after throwing for 70 yards and a touchdown pass. He did not return. Patrick Routsis took over for the Chiefs and passed for 47 yards to keep the Chiefs’ lead while continuously supplying the ball to Monacan’s powerful running backs. Khalik Hamlin and Korey Bridy combined for 125 rushing yards, while Anthony Miller added another 30 yards and a touchdown. Monacan also completed a two-point conversion in the 2nd quarter.
            Riley Doyle started at quarterback for the Titans and passed for 38 yards, while sophomore Grant Squyars saw some varsity action as well in the 2nd half. Trevor Laury rushed for 81 yards on 23 carries and Cosby’s only touchdown of the night, which came in the fourth quarter after a field goal from Bryson Henry in thethird. Caleb Grimes also had five carries for 31 yards. Cosby’s offense looked especially slow and off-beat in the first half, especially after Monacan scored a touchdown within the first three minutes of the first quarter. Cosby will need to figure out something very quickly before next week’s match-up against Midlothian, who was obliterated by L. C. Bird last night 67-0.

            The Titans will travel to Midlothian next Friday determined to right the ship, while Monacan will look to add to their undefeated record next week against Clover Hill.


#1 L.C. Bird 67, Midlothian 0
#3 Highland Springs 31, Meadowbrook 14
#6 Monacan 15, Cosby 10
#10 Manchester 33, Huguenot 0
#12 Thomas Dale 42, Varina 7
Matoaca 42, Clover Hill 7
James River 69, George Wythe 0

L.C. Bird 3-0
Monacan 3-0
Manchester 2-0
Thomas Dale 2-1
Matoaca 2-1
James River 1-1
Clover Hill 0-2
Midlothian 0-3
Cosby 0-3
Meadowbrook 0-3

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Here's #TheLineUp of tonight's football action!

Midlothian (0-2) at #1 L.C. Bird (2-0), 7:30pm

Meadowbrook (0-2) at #3 Highland Springs (1-1), 7pm

Clover Hill (0-1) at Matoaca (1-1), 7pm

#6 Monacan (2-0) at Cosby (0-2), 7:30pm (Live Tweet coverage from our @PrestonRVASN)

#10 Manchester (1-0) at Huguenot (1-1), 7:30pm

George Wythe (0-1) at James River (0-1), 7:30pm

#12 Thomas Dale (1-1) at Varina (1-0), 7pm

Colonial Heights (1-0) at Park View-South Hill, 7pm

Petersburg (1-0) at Kettle Run, 7:30pm

#9 Dinwiddie (1-1) at Caroline (0-2), 7pm

Prince George (1-0) at Lee-Davis (1-0), 7pm (Live Tweet coverage from our @TaylorRVASN)

#TheLineUp For Thursday September 10th

UPDATED to reflect postponements.....

Monacan vs Clover Hill vs George Wythe, time TBA, Brandermill CC
Huguenot vs Midlothian, 3pm, Salisbury CC
LC Bird vs Manchester vs James River, POSTPONED to Monday 9/14
Varina vs Meadowbrook, 4pm, Meadowbrook CC

George Wythe at James River, CANCELLED
Matoaca at Clover Hill, POSTPONED to Monday 9/14
Huguenot at Manchester, POSTPONED to October 19th
LC Bird at Midlothian, 6pm
Cosby at Monacan, POSTPONED to Monday 9/14
Hopewell at Powhatan, POSTPONED to Monday 9/14

Midlothian at Hanover, POSTPONED
New Kent at Colonial Heights, 4:30pm
Hampton Roads Academy at Trinity Episcopal, 4pm

Clover Hill at Midlothian, 7pm
Monacan at Cosby, 7pm
Matoaca at LC Bird, 7pm
Highland Springs at Colonial Heights, POSTPONED
Thomas Jefferson at Petersburg, 7:15pm

Cosby at Monacan, 7pm
LC Bird at Matoaca, 7pm
Midlothian at Clover Hill, 7pm
Highland Springs at Colonial Heights, POSTPONED
Thomas Jefferson at Petersburg, 5:45pm
Covenant School at Trinity Episcopal, 4:30pm

Trinity Episcopal at Hampton Roads Academy, 4pm

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

LISTEN LIVE: Midlothian Boys Volleyball In State Title Rematch!

CLICK HERE to listen as the Trojans host Hanover in a rematch of the 2014 4A State Championship, 7pm airtime ONLY on RVA Sports Network!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#TheLineUp For Wednesday September 9th

Five different sports in action this evening as fall sports are in full swing!

Cosby vs Midlothian vs Huguenot, 3pm at Salisbury CC
Dinwiddie vs Colonial Heights, 3:30pm at Fort Lee
Thomas Dale vs. Meadowbrook, 3:30pm at First Tee
Matoaca vs Petersburg vs Prince George, 3:30pm at PG Golf Course

Dinwiddie vs Petersburg vs Prince George, 4:30pm, Battlefield Park
Colonial Heights vs Matoaca vs Hopewell, 4:30pm at Hopewell

L.C. Bird at Prince George, 5pm

James River at Douglas Freeman, 6pm
Park View (South Hill) at Colonial Heights, 6pm
Caroline at Dinwiddie, 6pm
Highland Springs at Meadowbrook, 6pm
Thomas Jefferson at Petersburg, 6:30pm
Hopewell at Powhatan, 6:30pm
Lee-Davis at Prince George, 7pm

Colonial Heights at Southampton, 4:30pm
Monacan at Cosby, 7pm
Thomas Dale at James River, 7pm
Clover Hill at Manchester, 7pm

Hanover at Midlothian, 7pm (LISTEN LIVE on RVA Sports Network by CLICKING HERE)
James River at Thomas Dale, 7:15pm

Midlothian at Hanover, 7pm
Thomas Dale at James River, 7pm
L.C. Bird at Powhatan, 7:30pm

NEW NBC12/RVA Sports Network "Big 12 HS Football Poll"!

No changes around the top, but some reshuffling in the second tier of teams as we get ready for Week 3 action this Friday!


1) LC Bird (2-0, was #1, host Midlothian, 7:30pm)
2) Hermitage (2-0, was #2, idle this week)
3) Highland Springs (1-1, was #3, hosts Meadowbrook, 7pm)
4) Benedictine (1-0, was #4, at Bishop Sullivan, 7pm)
5) Henrico (1-0, was #5, at Deep Run, 7pm)
6) Monacan (2-0, was #6, at Cosby, 7:30pm)
7) Hanover (1-0, was #7, hosts J.R. Tucker, 7pm)
8) Atlee (1-0, was #10, hosts Mills Godwin, 7pm**)
9) Dinwiddie (1-1, was #8, at Caroline, 7pm)
10) Manchester (1-0, was #12, at Huguenot, 7:30pm)
11) Powhatan (1-0, NEW, at Hopewell, 7pm)
12) Thomas Dale (1-1, was #9, at Varina, 7pm)

Monday, September 7, 2015

#TheLineUp For Tuesday September 8th

Huguenot vs. Manchester vs. Clover Hill, 3pm at Brandermill CC
Midlothian vs. James River vs Deep Run, 4pm at Independence GC

LC Bird at Varina, 6pm
Manchester at James River, 7pm

James River at Manchester, 7pm
Cosby at Clover Hill, 7pm
Varina at Meadowbrook, 7pm

Manchester at James River, 7pm
Clover Hill at Cosby, 7pm
Varina at Meadowbrook, 5:45pm

Friday, September 4, 2015

THE WRAP: Battle Of Chester Defensively Dominated

(RVA Sports Network correspondent Preston Hausser filed this report...)

Skyhawks Trounce Knights behind Defensive Explosion

            L. C. Bird is known for two things: state championships and domination on offense. However, even when their offense isn’t playing at its usual elite-caliber level, the Skyhawks always find a way to embarrass their opponents. On Friday night, Bird crushed Thomas Dale 35-7 in a Battle of Chester that saw L. C. Bird score 3 of their touchdowns off Dale turnovers.
            Bird’s Chris Hayden and Kumonde Hines each recovered a fumble for a touchdown, 50 and 40 yards respectively, while Jalen Elliot caught an interception and returned it 80 yards for another score. Much better on defense than offense, Elliot was virtually nonexistent from the quarterback position, with zero passing yards, no completions and 2 interceptions. The only bright spot in Bird’s offense came from the two running backs, JB Wright and Shedrick McCall. Wright ran for 197 yards on 15 carries and 2 TDs, while McCall entered in the 3rd quarter and bulldozed through Dale’s defense with his 6’1” 235-pound frame. The junior tallied up 68 yards on 13 carries.
            At first glance, Dale looked mediocre at best, but in reality, the Knights put together a good all-around team effort, which unfortunately did not result in many scores. Six Thomas Dale players rushed the ball for positive yardage, while Davonte Russell led all backs with 37 yards on 6 carries. Quarterback Matthew Lawton finished 4/12 with 44 passing yards, a problem that the Knights will need to work on this week at practice.

            Bird improves to 2-0 and will play at home versus Midlothian next Friday, while Dale drops to 1-1 and will face Varina on Friday as well. A game that was meant to be close to the finish ended as a blowout, though neither team played to their full potential in the 2015 edition of the Battle of Chester.


#1 L.C. Bird 35, #9 Thomas Dale 7
#2 Hermitage 37, Meadowbrook 13
Matoaca 37, #11 Cosby 36
#7 Hanover 38, #8 Dinwiddie 27

(#12 Manchester was idle....)

Thursday, September 3, 2015


#6 Monacan 39, Glen Allen 0 (Chiefs to 2-0, 87 points in two games)
Douglas Freeman 13, James River 0 (Rapids are 0-1)
Powhatan 43, Midlothian 7 (Trojans fall to 0-2)
Prince George 26, Clover Hill 16 (Royals to 1-0, Cavaliers are 0-1)
Hopewell 49, Tabb 20
Colonial Heights 24, New Kent 21

Cosby 3, Douglas Freeman 0

L.C. Bird 3, Manchester 0

L.C. Bird 3, Manchester 1

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#TheLineUp For Tuesday September 1st

Collegiate at Thomas Dale, 4:45pm
Monacan at Highland Springs, 5:45pm
Cosby at Midlothian, 7pm
Maggie Walker GS vs. James River, 7pm at River City SportsPlex
Colonial Heights at Poquoson, 6:15pm

Huguenot at Manchester, 7pm
L.C. Bird at Monacan, 7pm
James River at Clover Hill, 7pm
Matoaca at Cosby, 7pm
Prince George at Lee-Davis, 7pm

Cosby at Matoaca, 7pm
Monacan at L.C. Bird, 7pm
Clover Hill at James River, 7pm
Lee-Davis at Prince George, 7pm

NEW NBC12/RVA Sports Network "Big 12 High School Football Poll"

Some changes in our second poll of the season. Half of Chesterfield's high schools are ranked in our Big 12!

(Ranking, Team, Record, Previous Ranking)

1) LC Bird (1-0, #1)
2) Hermitage (1-0, #3)
3) Highland Springs (0-1, #2)
4) Benedictine (0-0, #4)
5) Henrico (0-0, #5)
6) Monacan (1-0, #6)
7) Hanover (0-0, #7)
8) Dinwiddie (1-0, #8)
9) Thomas Dale (1-0, #10)
10) Atlee (0-0, #11)
11) Cosby (0-1, #8)
12) Manchester (1-0, NR)

Dropping Out: Hopewell (0-0)
Also Receiving Votes: Hopewell (0-0), Powhatan (0-0)